New Brunswick pension task force invites public input

Long-term sustainability, security main focus

The New Brunswick government is seeking input around regulations and rules protecting private pensions in the province. Organizations and members of the public are invited to share their views with a three-member task force that created in October.

"Employers and their workers will both benefit from recommendations the task force brings forward that offer the best protection possible to private pension plans," said Justice and Consumer Affairs Minister Marie-Claude Blais.

The task force will invite stakeholders with specific pension expertise to meet with them to share their views.
Among the issues that the task force will examine are:

• R
ules protecting employees and pensioners.
• Ensuring the long-term sustainability of pension promises made to workers is honoured and protected.
• Reviewing the structure meant to protect pension plans to insure they are as effective as possible.

"New Brunswick is taking a leadership role in addressing an issue that is causing concern for governments across the country," said Paul McCrossan, a member of the expert panel appointed by the provincial government. "Our objective is to put the province at the forefront of developing the tools that will offer long-term sustainability and security of pension plans."

A link to the Department of Justice and Consumer Affairs website explains how to make submissions to the task force either electronically or by mail:

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