New Canada-Mexico youth mobility agreement comes into effect

Program allows youth to gain 'unique' work experience: Minister

A new agreement will make it easier for young people in Canada and Mexico to visit and work in the other country.

The Canada-Mexico Youth Mobility Arrangement simplifies the administrative process for Canadians and Mexicans between the ages of 18 and 29 wishing to travel, work and live in each other’s country for up to one year, said Minister of Foreign Affairs Lawrence Cannon.

“This arrangement offers an excellent opportunity for young adults from Canada and Mexico to gain unique travel, work and life experiences,” said Cannon.

“These exchanges will not only allow participants to cultivate their personal and professional development, but will also enhance cultural relations and strengthen ties between Canada and Mexico.”

Canada currently has 31 bilateral youth mobility arrangements under the International Experience Canada initiative. In 2009, nearly 73,000 young people from Canada and around the world benefited from this initiative.

To apply, Canadians interested in going to Mexico should consult the Embassy of Mexico in Canada’s Visas for the Youth Mobility Program web page. Likewise, Mexicans interested in coming to Canada should consult the International Experience Canada pages on the Embassy of Canada to Mexico’s website.

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