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BC HRMA lauds province’s jobs plan; Layoffs not as bad as past recessions: Statscan

BC HRMA lauds province’s jobs plan

VANCOUVER — British Columbia has introduced a new jobs plan that will increase the number of international students by 50 per cent and give people the skills training and education they need to fill job openings, according to Premier Christy Clark.To accelerate growth, Canada Starts Here: The BC Jobs Plan leverages the strengths of competitive sectors, such as forestry and tourism, to bring new dollars into the economy from important trading partners. “We are glad to see this focus on skills training and job creation,” said Ian Cook, director of research and learning at the British Columbia Human Resources Management Association (BC HRMA). “(It) addresses several key areas we’ve identified as crucial to helping create a hiring climate in this province.”

Layoffs not as bad as past recessions: Statscan

OTTAWA — Canadian workers were less likely to be laid off during the last economic recession than the two recessions in the early 1980s and 1990s, according to a report by Statistics Canada. On a monthly basis, two per cent of employees were laid off temporarily or permanently between October 2008 and December 2010, compared to 2.9 per cent during the 1980s and 2.7 per cent in the 1990s. Of all workers laid off, 50 per cent found a paid job up to four months after they were laid off compared to 42 per cent during the two previous recessions, found the report Workers Laid-off During the Last Three Recessions: Who Were They, and How Did They Fare?

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