No pay increases for B.C. government

Province freezes cost-of-living increases for MLAs, cuts ministers' compensation

Members of British Columbia's legislative assembly are tightening their belts to help the province balance its budget.

MLAs won't be getting a cost-of-living increase for the next two years and ministers are taking a pay cut, said Premier Gordon Brown.

“The global economic downturn is still having a major impact on government revenues, and we are grateful for the public service’s recognition of the tough choices we face as we commence contract negotiations for the coming years,” said Campbell.

“In recognition of the progress made to date with public-sector agreements already announced that provide for no wage increases for the next two years, the province has decided to suspend the cost-of-living compensation increase for all government MLAs for the next two budget years.”

The government will suspend the annual April 1 consumer price index adjustment for the next two years, effectively freezing MLA pay. 

In addition, all members of cabinet will continue to forgo 10 per cent of their ministerial compensation until the province returns to balanced budgets, said Campbell.

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