Not so clever customer

U.S. bank robber leaves paper trail, leading to prison time

Not so clever customer
After robbing a U.S. Wells Fargo branch, a man was tracked down via social media and sentenced to 15 years in prison. REUTERS/Chris Helgren


CHESAPEAKE, VA. — Bank robberies can be terrifying experiences for employees, no doubt, but sometimes the good guys win.

That was the case recently in Chesapeake, Va., when Rasha Harris, 26, walked into a Wells Fargo Bank branch with a gun and a demand note stating, “Stay calm don’t hit no alarm gimme the $$ no dye packs no one gets hurt everybody goes home.”

Harris then walked out of the bank with US$2,701 in his pocket, according to the Washington Post.

The problem? He had written the note on a blank starter cheque, and foolishly left the note behind.

So when a bank employee ran the account number — from Wells Fargo, no less — they found the customer’s name and even looked Harris up on Facebook.

He was arrested three days later, went on to plead guilty to committing five robberies and one aborted robbery, and was sentenced to 15 years in prison.


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