On the prowl

Loss prevention associate no longer with Giant Tiger after incident

On the prowl
Giant Tiger has apologized for an in-store incident in Regina and is undergoing a “rigorous internal review” of its loss prevention program. Shutterstock

REGINA — A Giant Tiger employee on the prowl when he blatantly followed a customer around a store is no longer with the company, according to the Canadian Press.

It all started when Ezekial Bigknife recorded a video of himself being followed by the loss prevention associate at the Regina store, as he had been before.

“It feels like I’m doing something wrong when I know I’m not. I shouldn’t have to feel uncomfortable when I’m shopping at a public establishment,” he said.

The drywaller, who is Indigenous, said he and his family were frequent shoppers at the store, but had been followed around seven times since October: “I think it’s just a racial thing because there were plenty of other people he could have followed. I don’t know why he would have just followed me.”

Giant Tiger apologized for the incident and said the company was undergoing a “rigorous internal review” of its loss prevention program.

“What occurred in our store should not have happened,” said president Thomas Haig.

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