One-fifth of workers who had office romance married co-worker: Survey

One-third kept relationship secret

Thirty-five per cent of workers have dated a co-worker at least once over the course of their career, and 18 per cent have dated co-workers at least twice, according to a CareerBuilder survey.

Twenty per cent of those who have dated a co-worker said their office romance led them to the altar.

While the majority of relationships developed between peers, 25 per cent of workers who have dated someone at work said they have dated someone above them in the company hierarchy, and 15 per cent admitted to dating their boss.

Men were more likely to date someone higher up in their organization — 29 per cent compared to 21 per cent of women, found the survey of 424 Canadian employees.

Social settings outside of the office were cited most often when it came to how workers first go together. Happy hour after work (12 per cent), followed by love at first site (11 per cent), late-night working (eight per cent) and running into each other outside of work (six per cent) were among the most popular catalysts for dating co-workers.

Most workers who have had office romances said they were open about their dating situation. Thirty-three per cent reported they had to keep the relationship under wraps, found CareerBuilder.

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