One-half of employees are considering leaving their firms: Report

More executives report difficulty finding talent despite poor economy

Although there have been widespread layoffs and subsequent hiring freezes across the country, many Canadian companies are struggling to secure qualified talent with the expertise required to drive their business forward, according to new research.

For the report Managing Talent in a Turbulent Economy, Deloitte surveyed 368 employees and executives around the world. It found 49 per cent of employees are considering leaving their jobs.

And while executives think generation-Y employees are the most likely to leave, the report found both generation-X and generation-Y workers are looking for other opportunities.

Moreover, despite the fact that the economy is still considered to be in a downturn, retaining talent is a key challenge facing Canadian companies, as voluntary turnover is a key issue facing executives, and is anticipated to be on the rise as the economy stabilizes and comes out of the recession, according to the report.

Despite the downturn, there has been a 29-per-cent year-over-year increase in number of employers having difficulty filling jobs in the Americas. Also, 65 per cent of surveyed executives are concerned about losing high-potential and critical talent after the current recession.

Overall, Deloitte’s recent research reveals a clear divide between companies that are positioning themselves effectively for the economic recovery and those that are in danger of being left behind.

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