Ontario boards can continue to hire retired teachers: Minister

But rules limiting how many days retired teachers can work and still draw a full pension will be revamped

Ontario's education minister won't ban the practice that allows retired teachers to work as supply teachers while still drawing full pension benefits.

However, Education Minister Leona Dombrowsky and the Ontario's teacher union will revamp rules limiting the number of days retired teachers can work.

Under current rules, retired teachers in the province can work up to 95 days, nearly one-half the school year, in each of the first three years after retirement without it affecting their pensions. After that, they can work 20 days a year.

Before 1990, teachers could only work up to 20 days before their pensions were affected.

Dombrowsky and the Ontario Teachers Federation are expected to make an announcement in the coming days concerning an overhaul to the policy that was meant to address a teacher shortage that no longer exists.

Earlier this week, the Globe and Mail revealed 10 of the largest school boards in Ontario could have saved $16.7 million in the last academic year if they had hired new teachers instead of turning to retirees to fill supply positions.

However, it's up to the school boards to choose the best person for the job, not necessarily the lowest-cost teacher, said Dombrowsky.

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