Ontario launches HR metrics service

Organizations receive quarterly and annual reports on up to 120 data points

Ontario human resources professionals now have access to the HR Metrics Service developed by the British Columbia Human Resources Management Association (BC HRMA).

Participating organizations receive quarterly and annual reports that show the organization's scores against a comparison range, either an industry or specific organizations, enabling the organization to track its progress and benchmark performance.

Organizations must provide quarterly information on a minimum of 20 data points, including total full-time equivalent employees, total age of employees and total resignations.

BC HRMA first launched the service in May 2009, followed shortly by a launch in Manitoba, and it provides accurate, timely and relevant data on up to 120 different metrics.

The Human Resources Professional Association (HRPA), Ontario's HR association, launched the online service for Ontario organizations on Aug. 1.

The partnership with HRPA strengthens BC HRMA's drive for improved access to HR data, better benchmarking and more accurate comparison, said Simon Evans, CEO of BC HRMA.

"We are very pleased to be collaborating with HRPA," said Evans. "This step demonstrates the quality of the work we are doing and our commitment to building a strong profession across Canada."

For more information, visit the HR Metrics Service website.

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