Ontario's minimum wage increases to $8

Raise marks a 25-cent hike, much less than the $2 increase activists wanted

Ontario's labour minister confrimed that starting next month the province's lowest paid workers are getting a 25-cent-an-hour raise.

As of Feb. 1, the minimum wage in Ontario will increase from $7.75 an hour to $8, announced Steve Peters.

"We are providing Ontario's lowest-paid and most vulnerable workers with the fourth increase in the minimum wage in four years," Peters said in a statement.

"It is to Ontario's economic advantage to see that our workers are paid a fair wage."

Activists, and opposition MPPs such as NDP member Cheri DiNovo, have argued the minimum wage should rise to at least $10 an hour to keep the working poor above the poverty line, but the Liberal government claims that would cause undue hardship to businesses.

For more information on minimum wage rates across the country, check out Canadian HR Reporter's minimum wage chart.

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