Pay perils

Long-awaited paycheque via Phoenix leaves woman ‘terrified’

Pay perils
Public servants take part in a protest calling on the federal government to fix its Phoenix payroll system in 2016. REUTERS/Chris Wattie



TORONTO — A Toronto woman was apparently “terrified” to receive a long-awaited payroll deposit from her employer recently.

Kuini Chuen, a Health Canada chemist, had been waiting three months for a paycheque after the federal government’s disastrous Phoenix payroll system failed to deliver pay to hundreds of thousands of employees.

But when it finally came, Chuen wasn’t sure if she should touch the funds, according to the CBC.

She knew the deposit was too large because it didn’t take into account the overpayments she’d received while on medical leave.

“Never did I think there would be a day when I look at money being deposited into my account and feel terrified,” she said.

A single mother of four, Chuen said she would search for a second job if the payroll issues aren’t resolved by 2018.

“I really enjoy working for the public service, but I can’t do it for free, with no end in sight.”

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