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Online resumés go video

With the overwhelming popularity of YouTube, where users can post videos of themselves doing just about anything, it was only a matter of time before the advent of online video resumés.

In response to a survey conducted by online job board CareerBuilder.com that found 60 per cent of more than 2,200 hiring managers and HR professionals would be interested in video resumés, CareerBuilder is going to launch a new video resume service this summer.

Job seekers will be able to use videos to highlight their qualifications, accomplishments and other key information.

Nearly half (49 per cent) of more than 6,000 workers surveyed expressed some willingness to post a video resume of themselves to capture the attention of prospective employers.

"The interest in video resumes continues to rise with the pervasive use of broadband Internet and video technologies," said Liz Harvey, director of consumer products for CareerBuilder.com. "Job seekers can bring more dimension and personality to their paper resume, and make a memorable impression on employers. Employers, in turn, can save time and money by learning more about a candidate before an in-person interview."

The video resumé service will compliment CareerBuilder's Video BrandBuilder, a service launched last year that enables employers to post videos of their workplace, employee experience and job opportunities to attract targeted candidates.

"The shortage of qualified workers in the U.S. is fuelling the emergence of more competitive recruitment strategies," said Jason Lovelace, vice-president of corporate marketing at CareerBuilder.com.

Posting a video highlighting the workplace "provides a richer experience for employers who want to effectively brand themselves to candidates, break through the clutter and capture applicants before the competition," he said.

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