Preparing leaders for the new economy (Web site)

In an effort to “prepare leaders for the new economy,” I have focused on finding Web sites that shed some light on what the “new economy” actually is. And as this new economy gets older it will continue to change and evolve at such a fast pace it will be useful to bookmark these sites and refer back to some of them in order to stay on top of the game.

Many Worlds
Not your average consulting company. ManyWorlds seems to describe itself best with the anecdote “thought leadership for the new economy.” In addition to learning about the services of this Texas-based company; users can pick up valuable information on the new economy, e-business start-ups, and more. This is definitely a site worth visiting.

Art of E-business
This European-based Web site is a forum of sorts for the Internet Economy Community. While the information and statistics focus on Europe, the information and suggested strategies are applicable to a global audience. The site does have quite a bit of “techy-talk” so you may find yourself a bit lost if you are not an avid Internet user.

Internet Economy Indicators
Another Web site not recommended for people with limited experience on the Web. This site provides key indicators and statistics around Internet usage and content, and how these are affecting the economy. This is a great resource for any HR professional looking to become a strategic partner in a new economy firm.

I am sure by now that most people know Workopolis as a giant in the Internet recruiting field. What is less known is that there are thousands of business-related articles from The Toronto Star and The Globe and Mail archived on the site. From the main page, click on “Resource Centre” from the top menu bar. Then using use the “Quick Article Search” box to the top left of the page enter keywords like “leaders” and “new economy” to find relevant articles.

Technology is not enough
An insightful article by Donald J. Johnston, secretary-general of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, “The new economy: Technology is not enough,” takes a global perspective on defining the new economy and how technology is not the only secret to success in the new economy.

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