Proven HR skills not dependent on a CHRP (Letter to the editor)

I recently read the letter to the editor by John Platz in the April 9, 2001 issue of Canadian HR Reporter, and wanted to take this opportunity to offer my support for his views.

The CHRP (or similar designation) may be of value by providing a comfort level to employers and organizations by setting a baseline of education and experience for the HR practitioner. This should not be interpreted as the “only” criteria recognized to demonstrate a level of competence however.

I have been an HR manager for more than 15 years, have a diploma in management from Seneca College, a BA from the University of Waterloo, and an MBA from Athabasca University. Unfortunately this does not meet the HRPAO “certification guidelines,” and it has been suggested that I return to start basic college courses if I hope to attain certification someday.

Thankfully my current employer has looked beyond the designation and hired me based on the overall skills and abilities I bring to the job. No doubt I will achieve the CHRP designation at some point in my career (as an adjunct to my other qualifications), but it will be with the support and encouragement of my employer to extend my education — not the elitist mandate being put forth by the HRPAO.

John Martin
Manager of Human Resources
City of Belleville

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