Recruiters appreciate a ‘pushy’ applicant

Follow up is good, but hiring managers look for a candidate who demonstrates knowledge of the company

Hiring managers’ phones could soon be ringing off the hook, thanks to a recent survey that encourages job seekers to be “pushy” and follow up within two weeks of submitting a resumé.

The survey of 100 Canadian executives, conducted by staffing firm Robert Half International, found that 86 per cent of them said job seekers should contact the hiring managers shortly after applying for a job. Only four per cent said job seekers shouldn’t follow up.

“Employers value initiative and enthusiasm and thoughtful post-resume communication underscores these traits,” said the staffing firm’s chairman and CEO Max Messmer.

“Whether communicating in writing or over the telephone, job seekers should demonstrate their knowledge of the company while reinforcing their qualifications and sincere interest in the position.”

Forty-six per cent of executives said applicants should follow up by phone, 34 per cent said they should do so by e-mail and eight per cent said they should do so with a handwritten note.

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