Rosy employment prospects

Some industries have jobs to fill

If you’re looking for a job, consider careers with mining firms, mortgage brokers, oil companies, insurance providers, electric utilities or in health services. Steer clear of manufacturing and temporary services positions.

The Christian Science Monitor observes that, while layoffs are an everyday occurrence in some industries, other fields are crying out for workers.

Your chances for employment are also better if you’re a managerial or professional worker.

Even amongst dotcom companies, all is not doom and gloom. Last year, there were about one million technical positions waiting to be filled in this industry. That’s down to around 500,000 now, including many positions for those with Web site know-how.

In the United States, the unemployment rate is currently around 4.5 per cent. (It’s 6.8 per cent in Canada.) That figure is expected to peak at 5.3 per cent by next spring. However, at the moment, it is only taking unemployed workers an average of 2.07 months to find a new job.

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