Saskatchewan licenses immigration consultants, recruiters

About 250 went through screening process: Minister

REGINA (CP) — The Saskatchewan government says it's trying to protect newcomers to Canada from scams by licensing immigration consultants and recruiters.

The province has published a list of those who can provide services to employers, potential immigrants and foreign workers under the Foreign Worker Recruitment and Immigration Services Act.

Economy Minister Bill Boyd says the move is about making sure people are treated properly and fairly.

``I recall seeing some of the situations where people were charging an exorbitant amount to help them get a driver's licence, for example. That's just wrong,'' Boyd said Thursday.

``People here would understand that there's not much to it to go through a driver's licence process, so we want to make sure that people aren't being taken advantage of.''

Boyd says about 250 recruiters and consultants went through a screening process to become licensed, which included a background check to see if there were any complaints against them.

More than 48,000 immigrants have arrived in Saskatchewan since 2007.

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