Scottish hospitals to give pregnant women employment 'bill of rights'

Tear-off section ensures bosses know what working mothers are entitled to

Each pregnant woman in Scotland will be handed an employment 'bill of rights' at her 12-week scan in a bid to end sex discrimination at work.

According to reports in the Scotsman, the document will be handed out by hospital staff and will include a guide to employers' responsibilities and a tear-off section for women to give to their bosses.

The was developed by the Equal Opportunities Commission Scotland and will be introduced early this year.

Under current legislation:

•pregnant women are entitled to paid time off for antenatal appointments and maternity leave;

•fathers may be able to take up to two weeks' paid paternity leave once the baby is born;

•employers must conduct a risk assessment and make arrangements to protect the woman and her unborn child at work;

•pregnant women are entitled to up to 52 weeks' maternity leave; and

•the woman has the right to request flexible working hours, parental leave and time off to deal with a family emergency.

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