Sexual harasser registry coming to Canada

Site will list people accused of sexual harassment at work

An online database of people accused of sexual harassment will be coming to Canada later this year.

The National Sexual Harassment Registry is already up and running in the United States, launched by Las Vegas-based website eBossWatch, which allows people to anonymously rate their bosses online.

Hiring managers can search the database to see if a potential recruit has a history of sexual harassment and jobseekers can check out their bosses and co-workers before deciding to accept a job offer.

Only eBossWatch itself can add entries to the sexual harassment registry, using information from existing press reports and court documents, unlike the boss-rating function that allows anyone to enter information.

However, people who are only accused, but not convicted, of harassment will also be listed, which could tarnish a falsely accused person's reputation.

But since most cases of sexual harassment are settled out of court, this is the only way to warn people of a potential problem, said Asher Adelman, the site's founder.

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