Shipbuilding strategy to create opportunities for Aboriginal workers in New Brunswick

Federal government investing in New Brunswick Aboriginal Shipbuilding Strategy

The federal government is investing in the development of a New Brunswick Aboriginal Shipbuilding Strategy, which will help create jobs for Aboriginal Peoples in the province.

The funding was announced at a Joint Economic Development Initiative (JEDI) session focused on creating opportunities for Aboriginal entrepreneurs.

The investment totals over $200,000 and comes through the Strategic Partnerships Initiative.

"This investment in a New Brunswick Aboriginal shipbuilding strategy creates the conditions for more prosperous, self-sufficient First Nation communities, and will lead to greater First Nation participation in the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy which encourages healthier First Nation communities and a stronger Canada," said Bernard Valcourt, federal minister of Aboriginal affairs and northern development.

"(This project) is an important undertaking. Through this process, Aboriginal people across New Brunswick will have their say on how they would like to pursue the economic opportunities from the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy (NSPS) contract with Irving Shipbuilding Inc. in Halifax. This feedback will help us create a blueprint for moving forward,” said Alex Dedam, president of the Joint Economic Development Initiative.

The strategy will examine ways in which Aboriginal communities in the province can maximize opportunities. It will fund a strategy and work plan to increase First Nation communities’ capacity to benefit from employment opportunities related to the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy (NSPS).

A final report on the strategy is expected by fall 2014.

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