Target Canada tries to makes amends in YouTube video

Various employees, including HR, talk about plans for success

Target Canada has unveiled a YouTube video that somewhat apologizes to customers for its disappointing start in Canada.

Mandi Chung, executive team leader for human resources, starts the video off, talking about how excited she was to start working for the retail chain.

“I was part of nothing and then built it to something — that was the best part.”

Jason Nabico, executive team leader, then talks about the challenges of systems and inventory at the Canadian stores.

“We’re just making sure that we’re taking that feedback each and every day to try to resolve it and we’re getting new systems to try to make sure that it’s working better.”

There were some disappointments with openings, said Damien Liddle, senior corporate counsel, in the two-and-a-half minute video.

“Maybe we didn’t put our best foot forward when we entered into Canada… Certainly we think we’ve disappointed our guests but here at headquarters and at our store teams, we’re working really hard to give to everybody that unique Target experience.”

Other employees talk about their commitment to making Target a success in Canada, through continued customer research, community involvement, more stock and listening to feedback.

Chung ends the video, saying, “Whatever difficulty comes our way, we will be able to overcome it and become an even better company, and smarter in the future.”

Target came to Canada in early 2013 but there have been complaints about empty shelves and higher prices than those seen in the United States. In May, the company announced, Tony Fisher, president of Target Canada, was departing the company, to be replaced by Mark Schindele, senior vice-president of merchandising operations.

The chain also said it was naming a non-executive chair in Canada who sould provide counsel and support to the president of Target Canada to ensure strategies and tactics align with the Canadian marketplace.

The video can be found at

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