Tips to help employees find work-life balance

Clear work expectations and flexible work arrangements lead to happier, more productive employees

Workers in Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan are counting down to a much-needed break from the winter blues thanks to Family Day, a public holiday that celebrates the importance of family life.

But finding time for family in a busy work schedule can be a challenge, which is bad news for employers, said Julie Holden, vice-president of employer services at Banyan Work Health Solutions.

“Employees experiencing a lack of work-life balance and high levels of stress are likely to miss more work days per year, are less committed to the organization, are more likely to consider leaving and hesitant to return to work after a disability leave," said Holden.

Organizations that respect family and personal time will help build a happier and more productive employee base, she said.

To that end, Holden offers the following tips for employers:

• set clear work expectations

• offer flexible working arrangements to accommodate family and child care commitments

• reduce excessive workloads

• detect early signs of stress

• identify a neutral go-to person inside or outside of the office who can help employees address conflicts as they arise.

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