Two CHRR surveys to probe HR’s strategic role

Reports on status of HR, value of HRMS will come out in the fall.

Two major national surveys being launched this summer by Canadian HR Reporter will offer penetrating insights into: (A) HR’s ongoing quest for status in the organization’s strategic business planning and (B) ways in which HR management systems are changing the way HR delivers services.

Both surveys will be annual, state-of-the-profession studies that will produce definitive, quantitative profiles, along with anecdotal accounts of how Canadian HR practitioners are confronting challenges in each of these areas.

HR’s Quest for Status: Fantasy or Emerging Reality?
The HR status survey — HR’s Quest for Status: Fantasy or Emerging Reality? — will probe the readiness of HR leaders to assume a substantive role in organization planning — and the organization’s perceived readiness to accept HR as a strategic partner. It will examine the structure and scope of HR operations, how HR prepares its own for critical leadership roles, how organizations measure the contribution of HR and, most importantly, how HR is changing to meet organization needs.

Results of the survey will be featured in a special Strategic HR section in the Nov. 5 issue of Canadian HR Reporter.

Human resources consulting firm Watson Wyatt Worldwide will partner with Canadian HR Reporter in the project, taking a primary role in questionnaire content, design, tabulation and analysis. The firm’s core consulting services are human capital management, employee benefits and HR technologies.

HR Management Systems: Are They Making a Difference?
The systems survey — HR Management Systems: Are They Making a Difference? — will probe the extent to which computerized management systems have penetrated the HR operations of Canadian employers. It will report on the proportion of Canadian organizations having implemented such systems, the nature and characteristics of these systems and ways in which these systems have contributed to the organization’s operations.

Results of the survey will be published in the Guide to HR Technology with the Oct. 22 issue of Canadian HR Reporter.

Two partners join Canadian HR Reporter in this project. Arinso International will take a leading role in questionnaire content, analysis and reporting. Perceptor Solutions has adapted the questionnaire for Web implementation and will tabulate the responses.

Arinso International specializes in HR systems. Arinso Canada is an SAP national implementation partner and specializes in IT solutions for knowledge management, employability, intellectual capital and employee self-service.

Perceptor Solutions, a division of Affinity Systems Limited, specializes in automated surveys and also provides consulting services for questionnaire design, processing and evaluation of results.

Each survey is a separate project. Questionnaires will be mailed to all CHRR subscribers, plus a select group of other business leaders with HR management responsibilities. Half the total group will receive one survey and the other half will receive the other survey. The reason for the split is that CHRR does not wish to burden potential responding organizations with both questionnaires.

Organizations that wish to participate in both surveys will be able to do so by requesting a hardcopy of a survey or by completing the survey on the Canadian HR Reporter Web site ( Hardcopy questionnaires can be obtained by mailing a request to George Pearson, editor and publisher, Carswell, 2075 Kennedy Road, Toronto, ON M1T 3V4 or e-mailing a note to [email protected]. In each case the request must be accompanied by the requester’s name, organization name and mailing address.

Survey respondents will be limited to practitioners managing the HR function for a Canadian employer, one questionnaire submission per employer. Consultants, academics and vendors are not eligible to participate.

The deadline for returning completed questionnaires will be the first week in September.

All respondents to each survey will receive a free copy of the full report on the findings for that survey. The reports will go on sale in November or December.

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