Ultimate CEO would be U.S. President Barack Obama: Monster poll

Stephen Harper low on the list

More than one-quarter (28 per cent) of Canadians think the ultimate CEO would be United Sates President Barack Obama, according to Monster.ca’s “If I were CEO” survey.

Canadians aged 18 to 34 were most in favour (32 per cent) of Obama, as were Quebecers (37 per cent), though Albertans were less keen (18 per cent), found the survey of 2,009 working Canadians.

“Current boss” was the choice of 16 per cent of Canadians while Donald Trump came in at five per cent. Other choices included: environmentalist David Suzuki, Hockey Night in Canada host Don Cherry and actor William Shatner (11 per cent each), the Queen (three per cent) and Prime Minister Stephen Harper (two per cent).

In addition, one-third of Canadians recommended their CEO “spend time in the trenches” to understand what employees do every day. However, employees don’t want to get too close to the big boss, as just nine per cent thought the CEO should be having lunch with employees at least once a month.

"This is a fun survey with a serious intent. While Canadians chose Obama as the ultimate CEO, they also asked for their own CEO to spend more time working alongside them," said Peter Gilfillan, senior vice-president of international sales and general manager at Monster Canada. "Furthermore, nearly one in five Canadians were in favour of having the CEO live on an average employee's salary for a month and both of these reactions tell me that Canadians are craving understanding and acknowledgement from corporate leadership."

Men were more likely (19 per cent) than women (15 per cent) to recommend the temporary CEO pay cut, found Monster. Quebecers were less likely to think the CEO needed a pay cut (11 per cent) compared to English Canadians (18 per cent).

When asked what they would do first if they were CEO, the top priority for employed Canadians would be improving two-way communication between managers and staff, followed by improving health-care benefits for all employees and offering flexible working hours.

If I were CEO I would...

• Improve two-way communication between managers and staff (75.5 per cent)

Improve health-care benefits for all employees (63.4 per cent)

Offer flexible working hours (61.3 per cent)

Increase wages for all employees (60.1 per cent)

Offer the option of a four-day work week (58.1 per cent)

Make the company more environmentally friendly (57.7 per cent)

Increase annual vacation allotment (52.5 per cent)

Allow telecommuting (work from home) (47.9 per cent)

Make it easier to transfer/work abroad (45.8 per cent)

Offer company-subsidized or free daycare for staff with young children (45 per cent)

Give staff company-subsidized or free transit passes (42.3 per cent)

Redecorate the offices (25.5 per cent)

Move the office to another location (18.9 per cent)

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