Union sets sights on Nova Scotia

Buoyed by recent success, CEP wants more workers in the province unionized

The Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada (CEP) has set its sights on workers in Nova Scotia.

Buoyed by its success in unionizing 40 employees at a waste recycling facility in Yarmouth on Oct. 10, CEP is making an all out effort to unionize more workers in the province. The union said the success is just the beginning of a province-wide unionization blitz.

“From job security to higher pay to better working conditions, more and more people are turning to unions these days,” said Max Michaud, the Atlantic region vice-president of CEP. “Union benefits improve the quality of life, not just of employees but of their families as well. Unions also lead to healthier, financially-stable communities as well.”

In the past two years, CEP has unionized seven groups in New Brunswick, representing 1,780 members. It also organized the 425 workers at the Hibernia oil platform in Newfoundland, making it what the CEP said is the first unionized oil platform in North America. In August, CEP applied for certification of the second platform, Terra Nova.

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