U.S. employers predict active hiring in 2010: Survey

50 per cent of employers moving away from traditional job posts

Employers in the United States are optimistic about hiring in the next few months and are looking to use more innovative recruitment tools, according to a new survey by online recruitment technology firm TalentDrive.

Recruiting and Hiring Environment in the New Decade surveyed10,832 professionals from Fortune 1,000 companies, staffing firms and independent recruiters.

Nearly one-half (44 per cent) of companies surveyed increased their hiring budget for 2010 and 50 per cent plan to begin actively hiring in the second and third quarter. However, more than 75 per cent of respondents said they were “not prepared to only moderately prepared” for the hiring spike.

But employers are starting to shift away from traditional methods to attract and hire new employees, found the survey. More than one-half (52 per cent) plan to implement proactive recruitment marketing tools and campaigns opposed to traditional job posting and advertising.

"The idea of targeting and filtering qualified candidates through recruitment marketing campaigns shows a turn from the post-and-pray days to innovative, forward thinking techniques to reach potential talent,” said Sean Bisceglia, CEO of TalentDrive.

In fact, 49 per cent of companies decreased job posting budgets for 2010 with only 10 per cent increased their ad budgets. Nearly one-third (31 per cent) are investing in new sourcing technologies to reach unique candidates and 60 per cent have incorporated social networking as a key component in the recruiting process, but not their sole resource.

Employee engagement and retention programs are also a priority for employers, with 62 per cent of companies increasing investment in these programs in 2010 compared to 2009. Also, 38 per cent of companies cited worries about competitors recruiting their top talent as a major concern.

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