Vendors, best practices and FAQs on EAPs (Web Sight)

Employees are finding it harder to focus on work these days. There could be financial pressures, an elderly parent to care for, substance addiction, difficulty coping with stress. All of these cost corporations substantial amounts in terms of sick days and other benefits. These sites shed some light on employee assistance programs and how they can help.

Keys to a successful EAP

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety site offers a selection of frequently asked questions about employee assistance programs that are useful to both employers and employees. There are answers to questions ranging from what are the most typical services offered by a majority of EAP providers to some of the less common services offered by some of the more comprehensive programs. For employers, two sections to note are the factors that comprise a successful EAP and the list of key considerations when contracting an EAP provider.

What to look for in an EAP

This site from the U.S. government’s National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information has a page dedicated to EAPs. The page delivers information in brief, easy-to-digest segments, which makes it worth all the scrolling. Starting with a simple explanation of EAPs, it goes on to outline some different types of EAPs, common methods of implementation, a short history and an estimated cost per employee. The site offers some useful insights into selecting an EAP provider, including types of information the provider will require, and several points to consider when reviewing a provider’s offer. Keep scrolling down to the “List of Resources” section to find some great links to other resources on the Internet.

EAP Accreditation I

The site for the Employment Assistance Professionals Association is a useful source of information for International EAP professionals. With links to news and upcoming events, the EAP professional can keep current on what’s happening in the industry. To find more information on the advantages of membership, click on the “About EAPA” button at the top of the home page. EAPA offers the Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP) accreditation, which was first introduced in 1986. On the left side of the page, hold the mouse pointer over the “Certification” link and a sub-menu will appear that will take you to the CEAP handbook, test application information and other related topics.

EAP Accreditation II

The Employee Assistance Society of North America (EASNA) Web site sports a simple, no-nonsense appearance, and provides information about the society, mentoring, conferences and membership benefits including EASNA accreditation. They also feature a professional code of ethics accessible from the menu bar to the left of the home page. EASNA’s two quarterly publications, “Employee Assistance Quarterly” and “The Source,” are described and listed as further advantages of becoming a member.

“Cent”sible investment

This British article looks at the value of EAPs but uses several North American examples to make the point: “In many cases, a good employee assistance program (EAP) is the most effective way of cutting the high corporate cost of personal stress.” Citing several Canadian and U.S. companies, the author explores the success factor of EAP programs in terms of dollars and cents.

Finding a provider

The Canadian HR Reporter Web site features a search function to help employers find Canadian EAP providers quickly and easily. Click on the “HR Guide” link located on the main page to be taken to the HR Guide search field. From here, you can either enter your criteria into the search boxes, or to go to a listing of providers by clicking on the “Healthy Workplace” link and then the “EAP” link from the following page. This will bring you to a list of service sub-categories. Whichever one you choose will display a listing of EAP providers that offer that particular service, including location and contact information.

EAP workshops

Alcohol and Drug Concerns Inc. sponsors an annual series of workshops of interest to EAP professionals. The Web site provides details of workshops that will be offered, as well as general information about the organization itself.

Shannon Simson is Canadian HR Reporter’s resource editor. Her Web Sight column appears regularly in the CloseUp section. To share an interesting HR Web site, contact [email protected].

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