Voluntary reduced work week program saves Manitoba government $7.4 million in three years

About 15 per cent of provincial government employees take advantage of ability to take additional unpaid time off work

Manitoba is continuing a voluntary reduced work week program for provincial staff.

The program, launched in 2002 as a pilot project, has saved the province $7.4 million over the last three years.

Last year nearly 2,200 workers — or 15 per cent of the provincial government’s workforce — took advantage of the program, saving the province an estimated $2.4 million. The program allows employees to take up to 15 days off without pay.

“It is clear that employees like having the option of taking additional time off without pay to attend to family and other matters,” said Greg Selinger, minister responsible for the civil service.

No employees are required to take leave under the program. Employees have to submit requests for additional leave in 2005 by April 13. Departments consider leave requests from employees in the context of operational requirements and staffing levels, the province said.

Pay deductions for leaves are spread over 23 pay periods, from May 27, 2005, to March 31, 2006, to minimize the financial impact on employees.

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