Web offers flexibility for recognition programs

High-tech programs also need to be high touch to be effective

Co-ordinating recognition program offerings can seem like an overwhelming task — especially if employees are located in different sites and items on a rewards list change. In the current job market, a large number of employees in need of recognition is indeed a nice problem to have. But, it still remains just that — a problem. Enter the Web.

Challenges can be many while administering employee recognition programs regardless of shape and size. At Biovail Corporation, headquartered in Mississauga, Ont., human resource associate Jodie Hurst manages a program that serves employees in 10 different divisions located throughout the world.

Although Biovail has only been in existence for 10 years, many of its 800 employees annually qualify for 20- ear awards. “We have acquired two separate companies since the start of our recognition program. Neither company had any type of program in place, but Biovail decided to recognize the service accrued from the prior companies,” explained Hurst.

Hurst’s annual preparation begins by distributing the award choices to Biovail employees located all over the globe. Award selection information is sent to sites in Ontario, Manitoba, Puerto Rico, Barbados, Ireland, Virginia and North Carolina.

Hurst needs to have an up-to-date list of everything that has already been ordered, in addition to an accurate list of individuals who have yet to make their selections.

The last minute discontinuation of award selections is a frequent problem cited by many recognition program administrators, especially when photography and an inventory of costly colored selection brochures are involved. The efficient and effective solution to this dilemma lies in the form of a Web-based, totally customizable employee award and recognition e-program.

It’s not at all difficult to establish a recognition program that will transfer easily to the Web. Actually, it often requires less time than it takes to administer a current program for the coming year. A Web approach allows complete control over all awards offered to recipients at every recognition level.

With no need to fret about adding new items or deleting discontinued ones, printing up-to-date selection brochures can be a thing of the past. If an item changes, it’s updated. If it is not available, then it isn’t pictured. No printing costs, no postal fees, with nothing to misplace or to file, results in an environmentally friendly, paperless approach to recognition.

Although, a Web-based customizable e-program is definitely high tech, that doesn’t mean it isn’t also high touch. These programs incorporate a personalized congratulatory letter on company letterhead with an authentic signature to let award recipients know just what their efforts mean to the company’s success.

All of the benefits of a customizable recognition e-program are not intended merely for employers alone. Each and every recipient is individually empowered as well. Award selection remains available from any spot on the globe, around the clock, seven days each week. This convenience not only caters to employees, but reflects positively on a company’s technical proficiency as well.

Possibly the only thing nicer than a nice problem to have is a customizable solution that is only one click away.

Susan Wolford is director of customer relations for Terryberry Award & Recognition Programs. For more information contact 1-800-253-0882 or visit www.awardchoice.com.

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