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Retention issues have been quietly creeping up on us over the past couple of years. With the burst of Internet job boards, anyone can casually jump online to do a passive job search. When it is that easy, don’t be surprised if one day one of your employees may in fact find something online and be tempted to leave — that is unless you have developed and implemented a retention plan. The links below will help give you practical information on developing a retention strategy.

Brannick Human Resource Connections
This human resources consulting company offers a couple of interesting articles. Retention Strategies that Work and Those that Don’t (the first link noted above) and Decreasing the Staggering Costs of Turnover in Your Organization (the second link) provide practical information to help you control turnover and develop a retention program.

This U.S.-based consulting company demonstrates a fresh perspective when it comes to dealing with retention and other employee relations issues. In addition to learning about their workshops and consultative services, users can sign up for a free newsletter covering employee retention.

The government of Saskatchewan has developed an excellent resource for employers on “Keeping Workers.” By entering the above URL, you will have the option of looking into a variety of components that, working in conjunction with each other, will help to develop a solid employee-focused workplace and retain employees.

Creating Successful Recruiting and Retention Strategies Through Partnerships
This article was presented at CAUSE98, an EDUCAUSE conference. Although it mainly focuses on retention and turnover issues specifically relating to positions in universities, the concerns, problems and solutions are similar to those of most organizations.

Rewarding and Retaining Key Employees
While some of the information in this article is U.S.-based, many of the ideas and suggestions will apply here in Canada or abroad.

Costs of Turnover
From the home page, click on “human resources” and then “workforce management.” Another menu offers information on a number of key HR topics but click on “turnover” to stay on our topic. This will take you to a number of other informative sites that will allow you among other things to calculate the cost of turnover at your firm.

Meaning at Work
The home page for author Tom Terez who has determined there are 22 keys to creating a meaningful work environment. The 22 keys are listed on the left side of the page and by clicking on each one the user is taken to another page that describes what the key looks like and how it can be developed in the workplace.

Rob Horgan is an HR professional and freelance writer.

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