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Before I moved into the field of human resources, I understood the statement, “making the workplace inclusive for people with disabilities” to mean that the workplace would be wheelchair accessible. The reality is that while organizations may be accessible for wheelchairs, most of them have not developed a plan to accommodate those individuals with disabilities. In this issue, I have reviewed some sites that provide more information on disabilities in the workplace. Through creating this awareness you will be better prepared to develop a plan to make your workplace inclusive for people with disabilities.

Transition Resources and Career Services for Students with Disabilities

While this organization focuses on resources based in the United States, it provides an excellent online publication. Succeeding Together: People with Disabilities in the Workplace — A Resource Manual provides a comprehensive overview of various disabilities and ways in which workplaces can accommodate people based on their individual needs. A great resource.

Council of Canadians with Disabilities

As “a leading voice of persons with disabilities in Canada,” the council provides advocacy and information on issues relevant to Canadians with disabilities. The site does not focus entirely on workplace issues but there are still some useful resources.

National Institute of Disability Management and Research

An excellent Canadian-content site focusing on a variety of issues relating to disability management. In addition to providing some great resources online they have prepared an exhaustive list of related links, both Canadian and American.

National Centre for Learning Disabilities

Based in the United States, this Web site provides some excellent information and further resources on the topic of learning disabilities. Click on “Related Organizations” for more links on the Web.

Human Resources Development Canada

A government report on Multilateral Framework on Employability Assistance for People with Disabilities. A good reference document focusing on federal-provincial initiatives you may not be aware of.

Rob Horgan is an HR professional and a freelance writer.

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