Web site: Using the Internet to add strategic thinking to the HR toolbox

One of the challenges of strategic planning is trying to be, well, strategic. Now that everyone has equal access to the hundreds of resources and tools on the Web it is possible — and more likely than ever before — that smaller companies can gain a competitive edge through strategic planning. This issue I have located some Web sites that should help you “add some tools to your toolbox” when it comes to developing corporate strategy.

Strategic Management Club
Although this Web site has been designed for a specific academic program at the Academy of Management, you will find some excellent links for further reference on strategic planning. From the main page click on “Strategic Planning Links” from the navigation bar at the top of the page.

Systems Thinking Press
An interesting site that touches on strategic management from a systems thinking point of view. The site is very technical and scientific in its approach. However, you will be able to find some resources to help develop your own strategic planning.

Centre for Strategic Management
You will note that this Web site has the same look and feel as the Systems Thinking Press site. The main difference is that almost all of the resources found on this Web site are related to strategic management. While some products and services are based on a fee for service, others are available for no charge.

Business Week Archives
An interesting article published by Business Week back in 1996 entitled “Strategic Planning.” The focus is on bringing strategic thinkers back into the corporate world after a decade of downsizing.

University of Nebraska at Omaha
The University of Nebraska has published their strategic plan for reference on the Web and also provides links to other universities and their strategic plans. Worth a look if you are searching for example of strategic plans.

The Strategic Management Society
Professional Society for the Advancement of Strategic Management is an organization that you may not have heard of but is worth looking into. While there are limited resources available online I would keep the Web address handy for further reference.

Rob Horgan is an HR professional and freelance writer. He can be reached through his Web site: www.robhorgan.com.

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