Employee Onboarding: Building Engagement, Strengthening Retention, and Reaping Bottom-Line Benefits

“Onboarding is not a static program – it’s a dynamic business process that continues to evolve – beginning when the candidate accepts your job offer and, ideally, continuing deep into the employee life cycle.”

Employee onboarding is one of the most important strategic processes for employers today.

Many companies prioritize giving new hires the tools they need to become productive team members during the onboarding process. For others, onboarding is the last stage of the recruitment process and the first step to employee retention and integration into the company culture.

When done right, employee onboarding can lead to higher engagement and job satisfaction, increased productivity, and lower stress levels for everyone on the team.

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  • The ins and outs of a vibrant onboarding program – including reliable metrics that measure its impact on your business
  • The COVID-19 factor ​​– dissecting the two new types of onboarding experiences
  • Onboarding mistakes to avoid – from the loss of exceptionally talented people to the hefty price tag it will take to replace them