Flu immunization in your workplace: An integral part of health and safety

Amidst the demands the COVID-19 pandemic, it may be challenging for employers to prioritize other health and safety initiatives that have been historically important to organizational wellbeing.

The workplace impacts of COVID-19 have highlighted the need for employer vigilance against common health threats--but how can leadership renew vigilance against the threat of influenza and establish meaningful protocols to mitigate flu risks within the organization?

Watch this webinar to explore the employer’s responsibility in protecting employee health and making the workplace a safe environment ahead of the influenza season. Learn strategies for making flu prevention an important part of your planning for the season ahead and gain insight into:

  • Unique challenges and the importance of workplace health and safety
  • A cost-effective way to make getting the flu shot easy and convenient for a company's employees
  • Pillars of a successful influenza immunization program
  • Getting the right immunization partner for your employees
  • Planning and communicating vaccine options and clinical resources available