Resolving Workplace Conflict with 'The Four Rs'

Resolving Workplace Conflict with 'The Four Rs'

Not having an evidence-based program to prevent workplace conflict can result in both direct and in-direct costs to the organization, harming employee mental health, lose valuable talent, and negatively impacting workplace culture. With the causes of conflict being so varied, how can HR put a program in place that effectively manages workplace conflict.

This no cost comprehensive research brief breaks down a four-step model for how to design and develop an effective approach to conflict management.

Building an early Research two of the authors contributed in 2019 that can be found on Google called Facilitating a Safe & Respectful Workplace. The Four R’s Research brief unpacks practical tool for how HR leaders can prevent unhealthy workplace conflict and support employees in navigating healthy and unhealthy conflict to meaningful resolutions and repairs.

Get essential insights on:

  • Preparing your organization to learn what can be done to prevent and repair emotional ruptures.
  • Identify how employers can mature their workplace conflict management approach to facilitate meaningful resolution.
  • Explore four action steps for designing and building a workplace conflict management program through a psychological safe and inclusive lens.
  • Under consideration for how to facilitate emotional rupture and repair that can result in renew workplace relationships through accountability, learning and respect.

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