View the latest 2024 Gallagher Better Works(SM) Insights magazine

View the latest 2024 Gallagher Better Works(SM) Insights magazine

Gallagher Better Works(SM) Insights magazine offers a comprehensive look into various aspects of employee benefits and workplace strategies. The magazine features four insightful articles that delve into important topics for organizations looking to attract and retain top talent, enhance their workforce, and create a positive employee experience. Get the tools, trends and practical advice informed by data to improve employee benefits, enhance the employee experience, promote women's health, and develop effective attraction and retention strategies.

Key Takeaways You'll Uncover:

  • Building retirement benefits for a global and mobile workforce
  • Enhancing the employee experience through storytelling
  • Promoting working women’s health in all life stages, including menopause
  • Competing to win with an EVP driven attraction and retention strategy

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