Putting wellness in the walls

Investing in a WELL Building can have positive impacts on employees
By David Hoffman
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 07/05/2018
Office Worker
Seeking out landlords with proven commitments to their tenants and their workplaces is a great step towards a happier, and healthier, workforce. Credit: marvent (Shutterstock)

Wellness is a key consideration for many organizations looking to further engage their workforce, reduce turnover and improve retention.

And while much of the attention on workplace wellness has rightly focused on the disruptive and innovative — such as meditation classes, yoga sessions and gamified health apps — equal attention must be paid to one of the fundamentals of health: The environment where people spend their time.

The modern office worker spends eight hours per day — at a minimum — at work. That adds up to one-third of every day. These offices are sealed off from the outside, with climate control, noise control and artificial lighting.