Scale AI announces $74.7 million investment in 10 AI projects

'These new projects will help tackle important industrial challenges and create new opportunities for the next generation of skilled workers'

Scale AI announces $74.7 million investment in 10 AI projects

The federal government, the Quebec government and industry partners are investing $74.7 million in 10 artificial intelligence (AI) innovation projects through the Scale AI Supercluster, a part of Canada’s Innovation Superclusters Initiative.

For the projects, Scale AI Supercluster will bring together more than 60 partners composed of universities, 30 small to medium-size enterprises and other organizations that are exploring how AI can help reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

These projects will use AI to modernize processes and enhance productivity in the shipping, retail trade, aeronautics and health care sectors, says the government.

The projects include a $1.8 million partnership between Montreal-based home health-care software provider AlayaCare and home care providers CBI Health Group, Integracare and Bien Chez Soi. This partnership will provide caregivers better planning and management tools to ensure that home care agencies are able to meet the growing demands of Canada’s aging population.

Another project will involve Air Canada, OEC Group and Edgenda working in collaboration to enhance the cargo supply chain and optimize freight capacity. The other projects will also bring AI to retail trade and aeronautics.

"With these new projects, it is clear that the Scale AI Supercluster has momentum. Canada has a global reputation for leadership in AI, and Scale AI is now helping to inspire companies to take the leap toward this revolutionary new technology,” says Navdeep Bains, minister of innovation, science and industry. “These new projects will help tackle important industrial challenges in areas of Canadian economic strength and create new opportunities for our families and the next generation of skilled workers."

Under an agreement signed with the supercluster, the government of Canada is investing nearly $230 million in Scale AI, matched dollar for dollar by the private sector. The supercluster is building intelligent supply chains through AI and robotics and helping Canadian SMEs scale up to be globally competitive exporters. It is expected to create more than 16,000 jobs and add more than $16.5 billion to Canada's economy over 10 years.

"We are excited by the diversity and quality of the projects submitted to Scale AI's financing program for applied artificial intelligence projects,” says – Julien Billot, CEO of Scale AI. “Supercluster Every one of these 10 projects will help accelerate the adoption of AI at the participating companies and will inspire others to follow suit."

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