A look at pay equity in Quebec, Ontario and federally

Comparative overview covers job categories, gender predominance, ongoing maintenance

A look at pay equity in Quebec, Ontario and federally

The Canadian government and some provincial governments have enacted pay equity legislation. “Equal pay for work of equivalent value,” pay equity is legally required of private sector employers in Quebec and Ontario, along with federally regulated private sector employers across Canada.

In this webinar, Lucie Guimond, a partner in the Montreal and Toronto offices of Ogletree Deakins, provides Jeffrey Smith, employment law editor at Canadian HR Reporter, with a comparative overview of the legislation and compliance obligations in those two provinces, along with federally.

The 20-minute webinar covers several topics including:

  • how pay equity is defined

  • how pay equity differs from employment equity

  • pay equity committees

  • job categories and gender predominance

  • evaluation of pay gaps

  • ongoing maintenance

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