Air Canada, CALDA sign collective agreement

12-year contract subject to ratification

Air Canada and the Canadian Airline Dispatchers Association (CALDA) recently signed a new contract.

The 12-year collective agreement — subject to ratification — covers Air Canada’s flight dispatchers based at the airline’s Operations Centre near Toronto Pearson International Airport.

The affected employees assist flight crew in the preparation for flight arrivals and departures.

The contract is subject to certain openers over its 12-year period. Details of the agreement will not be released pending ratification by CALDA and approval by the Air Canada Board of Directors.

This agreement follows the conclusion of several contracts, including 10-year agreements with IAMAW, CUPE and ACPA.

The agreement with IAMAW covers 7,500 technical, maintenance, airport ramp and cargo personnel while the agreement with CUPE affects 6,500 flight attendants and the deal with ACPA concerns 3,000 pilots.

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