GoodLife employees attempt to organize

Workers’ United Canada Council submits application with employer

The Workers’ United Canada Council submitted an application to GoodLife Fitness in an effort to represent its employees in the Toronto area.

If successful, the union would represent more than 1,500 personal trainers and fitness instructors employed by the organization.

According to the union — an affiliate of SEIU — a group of employees campaigned for representation because of concerns over low wages, significant training costs, non-compete clauses and a lack of injury insurance.

The workers will be asked to vote on union representation.

“It’s important to note that we are not anti-union at all, we are pro-employee,” said Jane Riddell, chief operating officer at GoodLife.

“We respect our employees’ right to make their own decisions about union representation. We trust their judgment and whatever happens, we will respect the outcome. That being said, we absolutely believe our employees do not need a union.”

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