Kosovo air traffic controller strike grounds flights

Walkout will continue into next week: Union

PRISTINA (Reuters) — Kosovo’s airport said eight out of 19 scheduled flights were cancelled on Friday when traffic air controllers went on strike for eight hours to protest at possible pay cuts in a public-sector wage overhaul.

Early this month Kosovo’s parliament passed a public wage law that would raise salaries of teachers, doctors and other state workers, from November. However, under the law some other sectors such as air traffic controllers could get less money.

“We don’t want to be included in the new law. We are already paid half of what other air traffic controllers are getting in other regional countries such as Albania or (North) Macedonia,” Artan Hasani, the head of the Trade Union of Air Traffic Controllers, told Reuters.

Hasani said the strike by 23 controllers would continue next week on Feb 22, 23 and 24, lasting 12 hours at a time.

Pristina airport, run by Turkish company Limak, said eight flights were cancelled, out of 19 total flights scheduled for Friday. 

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