Norway's oil supply base workers reach wage deal to avert strike

Settlement to boost overtime payments

OSLO (Reuters) — Norway's onshore oil workers, who supply platforms with everything from food to drilling fluid, reached a wage deal with employers on Saturday, averting a strike that could have hit western Europe's biggest energy sector.

The agreement came days after offshore oil workers agreed a similar deal, sharply reducing the chance of significant industrial action.

Saturday's settlement boosted overtime payments for onshore service staff, labour union Industri Energi and the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association said in separate statements.

In 2012 around 10 per cent of Norway's offshore workers went on strike for 16 days, cutting oil output by 13 per cent and gas production by 4 per cent. Their walkout was eventually halted by the government, which has the right to break up strikes and impose deals.

Both settlements this week were pushed through by government mediators who will meet again on July 4-5, hoping to hammer out a third deal between energy companies and oil service workers based on platforms.

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