Subscriber exclusive: Rewards & Recognition winners

Annual report ranks top employers in Canada based on in-depth surveys, interviews

Subscriber exclusive: Rewards & Recognition winners

Canadian HR Reporter is proud to announce the 5-Star Rewards & Recognition for 2023.

Employers on this year’s list recognize that putting people first is the best defence against corporate complacency.

They have implemented a variety of innovative incentives, including monetary awards, fully funded trips, learning opportunities and rewards that are within reach of everyone.

Almost one-half (44 per cent) say they recognize employees on a daily basis, while 28 per cent do so on a weekly basis — and 20 per cent do the recognition annually.

Be sure to check out the in-depth feature, where we talk to some of the winners to discuss the importance of offering effective employee recognition.


Canadian HR Reporter’s 5-Star Rewards & Recognition entry process comprised two steps: an employer submission followed by an employee survey. Twenty-one organizations applied by completing an in-depth survey that detailed programs they initiated over the last two years to better recognize and reward employees.

Companies successful in the submission phase were then sent a link to an online employee survey to be circulated internally. The survey, which ran from Oct. 12 to 30, 2022, asked employees to rate their employer across a range of metrics that constituted drivers of employee satisfaction. In total, 653 responses were received from employees at the various organizations.

To be named to the 5-Star R&R list, companies had to meet a minimum number of responses based on size: 10 responses for organizations with 1 to 99 employees; 20 responses for those with 100 to 499; and 50 responses from companies with 500+ employees.

Organizations that achieved an overall employee satisfaction rating of at least 75% were recognized as 5-Star awardees.

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