5-Star Rewards and Recognition winners announced

Canadian HR Reporter unveils impressive list of organizations for 2022

5-Star Rewards and Recognition winners announced

Canadian HR Reporter is very pleased to present the 5-Star Rewards and Recognition winners for 2022.

If there was ever a time when employee rewards and recognition were needed, it’s been during the ongoing pandemic. With so many people struggling — be it on the front lines of retail or health care, parents working from home with their kids or single people increasingly isolated from coworkers — feeling valued and appreciated by their employer is that much more important.

To that end, several Canadian organizations not only maintained an impressive focus on recognition during the past two years, but upped their offerings to recognize the hard work of staff and boost morale.

That includes the CAAT Pension Plan, an independent, jointly governed plan that offers two designs of a defined benefit pension, and Centurion Asset Management, a leader in offering valuable investment and financing solutions.

The 5-Star Rewards and Recognition entry process comprised two steps: an employer submission followed by an employee survey.

For the submission, organizations had to complete an in-depth submission with questions looking at a reward and recognition program that was initiated over the last two years. Companies that successfully completed the submission phase were then sent a link to an online employee survey to be circulated internally within their organization.

Organizations had to meet a minimum number of responses to be eligible for the 5-Star Rewards and Recognition, based on company size: 1-99 = 10 minimum; 100-499 = 20 minimum; 500+ = 50 minimum.

The survey asked employees to rate their employer across a range of metrics that constitute drivers of employee satisfaction. Those organizations that achieved an overall satisfaction rating of at least 75 per cent were recognized as 5-star awardees.

Be sure to check out the full 5-Star Rewards and Recognition report here.

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