What are the top 3 reasons why workers are quitting?

Report looks at social media posts during great resignation between March 2021 and May 2022

What are the top 3 reasons why workers are quitting?

For all the talk of the “great resignation,” what are the main reasons why people are quitting?

Employees suffering from burnout and mental health problems tops the list (15.75 per cent).

That’s followed by employees having a poor manager (13.86 per cent) and then employees disagreeing with their workplace’s COVID vaccination/mask enforcement (10.57 per cent), according to an analysis of 2,698 social media posts on Twitter and Reddit between March 2021 and May 2022.

However, only 1.43 per cent of the posts discussed employees being worried about a COVID risk at work, suggesting “a louder majority [are more] frustrated with rules and mandates than worried about illness or risk,” says Andrew Fennell, founder and director of StandOut CV.

Finishing up the top 10 reasons are: work-life balance (9.10 per cent), low pay or salary (8.80 per cent), feeling unfilled at work (5.9 per cent), wanting a new job (5.35 per cent), discrimination at work (4.04 per cent) and a side hustle (3.75 per cent).

Staff turnover will continue to trouble Canadian employers, with the “return to the office” a major factor, judging by two new surveys.

Unhappy with management

So why is management such a big issue? The most common reason stated online was the manager displaying bad behaviour (25.29 per cent), followed by managers disrupting workers’ work-life balance or not respecting work hours (10.92 per cent), finds the StandOut CV survey.

Other reasons include: bullying or abuse (8.62 per cent), micromanagement (8.05 per cent), low pay (7.47 per cent), discrimination (6.9 per cent), medical problems not being respected (6.32 per cent), being denied a promotion (4.02 per cent), divisive political issues (4.02 per cent) and lack of employee appreciation (3.45 per cent).

Roughly 75 per cent of employees are frustrated with their managers, found a separate U.S. survey in March.


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