What’s the top reason people consider a new career?

Work-life balance is number-one reason, followed by better compensation

What’s the top reason people consider a new career?

More than two-thirds (68 per cent) of workers would consider changing careers, according to a survey by FlexJobs.

While money (50 per cent) is a huge consideration for the move, the number one reason is to be in a job or field with a better work-life balance (56 per cent).

Others would do it because they want a more meaningful or fulfilling career (49 per cent) or to expand their professional skill set (43 per cent).

“Transitioning to a different career is a challenging undertaking, but if you're doing it for the right reasons, it can be a wonderful decision full of professional rewards,” says Brie Reynolds, career development manager and coach at FlexJobs.

Nearly a quarter (24 per cent) of Canadians say the pandemic has led them to consider a job or career change, according to another survey. More than one in five (21 per cent) of Canadian workers plan to look for a new role in the next several months, according to a separate report from Robert Half.

Other reasons people are considering making the move, according to FlexJobs, include:

  • lack of advancement or growth opportunities in their current career (27 per cent)
  • approaching retirement and looking for a career change as a “second act” (19 per cent)
  • to pursue a passion or hobby (17 per cent)
  • their current career has never been a good fit (12 per cent)
  • wanting to turn a side hustle into a full-time career (10 per cent)
  • they’ve completed the necessary training or education (nine per cent)

A majority of Canadians also feel confident about the prospect of making the move, finds the survey.

Twenty-eight per cent of respondents say that changing careers would be pretty easy as their skills are transferable while 53 per cent say it will be tough but manageable. Less than one in five (19 per cent) say it will be very hard and are not sure it’s going to work.

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