HR leaders among 20 'best jobs' in Canada for 2023

List ranks jobs based on opportunity, salary, flexibility

HR leaders among 20 'best jobs' in Canada for 2023

In ranking the 20 “best jobs” for 2023, job board Indeed says directors of people and culture make the list at number nine.

Their median annual salary is $75,000 while 32 per cent of the positions are remote or hybrid, according to Indeed, saying the HR leader is “responsible for employee development, payroll and benefits administration, labour laws regulation, and recruiting processes while conducting miscellaneous administrative tasks and ensuring employee wellness.”

Also in the HR realm are environmental health and safety specialists (14) and safety managers (17).

The ranking is based on three factors:

  • Opportunity: Growth in share of postings from 2019 to 2022
  • Salary: Salary minimum above the Canadian median salary in 2020 ($65,000)
  • Flexibility: At least 10 per cent of postings must include terms to indicate 'remote' or 'hybrid' work

HR managers are one of the 15 top jobs for next year, according to another survey by Randstad.

Tech jobs popular

Despite recent news of mass layoffs, tech jobs continue to be among the best for the coming year, according to Indeed.

For 2023, the top three positions cited were data engineer, data analyst and business systems analyst, according to the survey.

“Despite a slowdown in hiring in recent months, tech jobs remain among the most common high-paying job types on Indeed. Given the broad range of job titles in the sector, some segments still fare quite well when compared to their pre-pandemic levels,” says Brendon Bernard, senior economist at Indeed.

Data engineers are promised a median annual salary of $102,500, with 39 per cent of the work remote and hybrid.

For data analysts, the position pays $65,258 in median annual wages, with 31 per cent remote and hybrid. Business systems analysts are rated higher in wages, at $77,870, but only 25 per cent are remote and hybrid.

According to Indeed, the best 20 jobs for 2023 are:

  1. Data engineer
  2. Data analyst
  3. Business system analyst
  4. Risk manager
  5. Technical lead
  6. Dietitian
  7. Android developer
  8. Delivery manager
  9. Direct of people and culture
  10. R&D engineer
  11. Principal software engineer
  12. Python developer
  13. Engineering manager
  14. Environmental health & safety specialist
  15. Platform engineer
  16. IT manager
  17. Safety manager
  18. Infrastructure engineer
  19. Child protection practitioner
  20. Infrastructure specialist

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