Leah Schatz

Leah Schatz

Leah Schatz, Q.C., is a partner at MLT Aikins in Saskatoon. She focuses on labour and employment law, administrative and public law, health care law, and aboriginal issues.

She can be reached at lschatz@mltaikins.com.

Increased workloads and mental stress

Question: If an employer makes changes that significantly increase employee workloads with no additional compensation and some employees express concern over the mental stress this will cause, does that raise liability for an unsafe workplace or create the risk for work refusals?

Increased workloads and mental stress

Notice of vacation policy changes

Question: Is there any advance notice requirement for informing employees about a change in vacation policy regarding carryover entitlements or when they can take vacation?

Notice of vacation policy changes

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The threshold of constructive dismissal

Employee's refusal to take safety training

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Following the progressive discipline process

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Contacting other people at same company as job candidate’s reference

Respecting reference boundaries and job candidate's privacy

Liability after sale of business

Does new ownership have to provide identical compensation to employees?

Parental leave requested by worker who may not be involved with child

Does employer have to provide leave if employee is not primary caregiver?

Parental leave for employee who may not be involved with child

Questions over whether employee will actually use leave for childcare

Liability for employees carrying on after sale of business

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